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Welcome to Lake Chad Cafe- Seattle First Catfish Po Boy and African-Cajun Place. The first choice for patrons dinning out . We provide fresh quality food with unparalleled dinning experience.

Did you say Thriving and Resilient Diverse Community? Let’s roll!

Lake Chad Cafe is an innovative restaurant with a warm and welcome approach to the Central African dining culture.
At Lake Chad Café, we see modern African food as a grand mosaic, drawing influence from Central Africa to West Africa, Middle East to Caribbean’s countries.
Our’ cuisine represents a diversity of cuisine and culture, inspired by years of tradition while also looking to its contemporary future. The menu reflects the ongoing evolution of the entire African food, while celebrating the abundance of Louisiana and Africa’s close relationships.
Lake Chad Café is a place of men and women of diverse background, age, sizes, colors, culture, skills and ideas who come together with a collaborative spirit to create a diverse ecosystem around a cup of coffee, glass of wine, bottle of beer and/or African-Cajun dishes.
A place where computer screens engrossed a dozen bona fide techies, Freelancers, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Creative class professionals, Artists and big ideas who need to succeed in the 21st Century knowledge economy.
It is a community coffee shop with a full bar and a private work station with free  Wi-Fi and opportunities for social gatherings.
The café is deeply rooted in the Central Area Community and offers innovative tools for connecting people to people while building off the long-standing small business presence on South Jackson Street, which already houses several local entrepreneurs and nonprofits.
It is a place to get work done while being surrounding by good people. A workspace environment that is both technically and creatively inspiring to bring people together.

Felix - Owner


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